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Pyro Watch

$39.95 USD


Perfect watch for whether you need to check the time, survival fire starter, escape a hostage situation, bypass airport security, ignite fireworks, conversation starter, or smoke without having to carry a bulky lighter in your pocket. Even more perfect if a girl asks you for a lighter.

Flame height is fully adjustable, can be adjusted to go past your middle finger if desired! Only takes a simple swipe using your thumb to ignite the mesmerizing & hypnotizing flame.



Non VIP Orders:

Estimated Delivery: Ships out within 3 business days + 10-15 business days delivery (Depending on your location)

Non VIP Watch Orders Require fuel.

Note: VIP only available for U.S. Customers. All Pyro Watch orders do not contain a receipt in package in case you want to send it as a gift.

VIP Pyro Package Comes With: 

-Extra portable fuel to refill the Pyro Watch

Estimated Delivery: Ships within 48hrs and arrives within 3-5 business days
(All VIP Packages ship out via Express Shipping 2-3 Day™ Priority USPS)

1. Premium Lighter Fluid Injection Service: We will inject only the best and most expensive super refined gas fuel into the watch, free of charge.

2. Ready Guarantee: Test to ensure flame ignites with a single strike

3. Personally shipped out ASAP within 24hrs by our logistics manager from Texas with 3-5 business day delivery guarantee

4. Tracking Number will be provided within 48hrs of payment

5. Insurance Included: Package will be insured by USPS.


VIP KYRPTONITE Package Comes With: 

-The only VIP Package that comes with full instructions on how to fuel the watch & adjust flame height/output (sent via email).

-The only VIP Package that will come with a bit higher flame height pre-adjusted and may be adjusted further for lower or higher flame height.

-VIP Pyro Package (Extra Portable Fuel Included)

-Kryptonite Fuel - Large Cannister of Super premium refined fuel, and contains 16.5 times more fuel than the Pyro Package.

(Note: Due to the Kryptonite Fuel this VIP package will be shipped via USPS Ground service as it contains enough potent fire power to be detected as a potential bomb hazard. Kryptonite Package is recommended for users who intend on using the watch frequently or longterm.)